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Improving Your Business With Free Quotation Templates

Save Time Producing Quotations & Business Work Sheets with our free Quotation templates - see bottom of the page......

Have you ever designed an quotation template? Or are you looking for professional free quotation templates to download? Lower down on this page we have provided free quote templates for you to download and use as you wish. BUT WE HAVE A BETTER OPTION FOR YOU! Check out some of the BusinessFlow Options below......


No more lost or incomplete jobsheets
jobsheet tick Send new jobs directly to field workers
jobsheet tick Mobile users can record parts, times, mileage & work
jobsheet tick Capture customer's signature before leaving site
jobsheet tick Instantly email Jobsheet PDF to customer & head office
jobsheet tick Choice of Jobsheet designs or bespoke design
jobsheet tick Keep track of all jobs in progress - stay in control
jobsheet tick Never lose paperwork - available 24/7
job tracker learn more about pro Mobile Jobsheet Loginmobile users enter job data, capture customer's signature and send emails to head office and/or customer




It does what it says on the tin! - choose which product you want - straight forward and easy to use system. Saves job data and creates quotations, with -  free quotation template design
  job tracker learn more about pro not free quotation templates - goto quote pro


Data stored online means you can access sales leads, job data, and documents from any location**
   not free job sheet templates - goto job tracker online


FREE QUOTATION TEMPLATES: designed in Microsoft WORD. Three templates to choose from
   go to free job sheet templates

Try using BusinessFlow software to produce quotations and Keep Track of your Work Load:

BusinessFlow software automatically creates professional quotes. What's more BusinessFlow links your quotations and jobsheets to your invoice and tracks the job through it's various stages. It can then create your quote at the click of a button.

job sheets linked to invoices

Give it a Free 7-Day Test Drive. Find out how good it is for yourself

Running a small business you need an effective system to help manage all the jobs on the go. BusinessFlow's focus is on helping to improve the flow of job in your business - right through to the quote and tracking payments:
  • Each jobs can have multiple quotes and make multiple payments against each job.
  • Creating job sheets, enquiry sheets, quotes or other documentation
  • Full control* over the design, layout, size of the quote and documentation
  • Create as many types of job sheet, quote, job sheet & invoice styles as required
  • Change and keep track of the status of each job, unlimited number of job status’s can be defined
  • Easy to use reports about the status of jobs, in progress or waiting
  • Link files, images, photos to each job (e.g. before and after photo’s can be linked to the job for later reference)
  • Add unlimited notes and comments about each job for later reference or for sharing with other users
  • Keeping track of employee time on a job
  • Making appointments
  • Tracking where lead referrals come from

Enter Information Once and easily reuse for Enquiries, Quotations, Job Sheets, Estimates and Statements

BusinessFlow links all your jobsheets, enquiry sheets, quotations, images, files into one easily managed software package The benefits of entering the data just once and then sharing that information across all your documentation will save time. A survey earlier in 2008 of our existing customers said on average they were saving 4 hours a weeks using BusinessFlow software.

Customer Comment: "We looked at several packages but only Infotek Software offered a package that links our job sheets to our estimates and quotes and is fully customised to suit our business."

Customer Comment: "since using BusinessFlow I can automatically print a job sheet and issue to my fitters, once signed and returned the invoicing is a simple few clicks, I’m able to stay on top all the jobs”

Sharing Quote Information:


You don't need any complicated servers to create job sheets and quotes and track jobs through to completion. As long as you have a simple local area network, then multiple computers can use BusinessFlow at the same time to share information.

BusinessFlow staff are available to confgure your computers via remote desktop - all included in the small monthly subscription.

Create your own quotation templates

BusinessFlow software exports the information to “bookmarks” contained in Microsoft Word templates. This means you have complete control over the design, layout, fonts, and size of printout.

Bookmarks are hidden locations with the word template. The bookmarks each have a name and can be added and removed according to the information the user wishes to see exported from BusinessFlow to the quote. A complete list of bookmarks and their names are available from our website.

Create Multiple quote templates

You can create new quote templates so you have a choice of document for each business circumstance. For example:

How to Design and Create Your Own Free quote Templates

Just below there are free quote templates for you to download and use as you wish. However, if you are familiar with Microsoft Word or feeling a little more adventurous then we have included a quick overview of creating your own free quotes templates

Please click on the video to see how to create your own free quotes........
Coming Soon

Give it a Free 7-Day Test Drive. Find out how good it is for yourself

Free Quote Templates

We have designed these quotation templates using Microsoft Word which are yours absolutely free. Simply click on the "free templates" button, fill in your details and we will immediately send the templates.

Free Quote Template #1

free quote template #1

Free Quote Template #2

free quote template #2


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